Sad News Today- WarcrY will stop working

Dear Friends, Fans and Supporters.
The wheel of time is spinning on, but no more for WarcrY. We are sorry to inform all of you, that we will stop continuing with the band. This is just for internal and personal reasons, but we cannot go on anymore. We canceled all planned shows for 2014 and the band will be put "on hold" for an undefined time. Nevertheless we will record all the new songs in 2014 and will put out the album. After the release of the album, we will stop working with the band. No shows, no new songs.
Maybe we will return someday, but we don't think about that at the moment.
The Gravewarrior and The Almighty will continue with a new musical project in the near future, but different from WarcrY (but still heavy metal). We say thank you to all of you! And finally:
YES, we will play the show in Karlsruhe on Dec. 20th 2013. This will be our last show so far.
In Metal!

The WarcrY'ers

WarcrY in Karlsruhe on December 20th

Hey Headbangers!
There will be one more WarcrY show this year on Dec 20th in Eventarena Karlsruhe!

We're going to perform a 90 minute headliner set next to Restless Movers, Loc Nar, LGFII and Several Fates.
See the Flyer in the "live" section.

Sad News - Delay of recording Progress

Sad News today. We had to cancel our recording sessions due to illness and job reasons. So the new WarcrY album will be delayed and delayed... we are sorry for that! Nevertheless, we will go on and record the album later this year!

WarcrY entering the Studio Halls in 3 Days!

All Hail Metalheadz!

We're going to start the recordings for the next Album on Monday.
First crusher will crush some drums (and maybe we crush ice for our cocktails in the control room).
The Song list for the Album will be:

  • Command To Attack
  • Black Fire
  • So It Shall Be Done
  • for my own destiny
  • Storming The Gates
  • Possessed By E.V.I.L.
  • Old School Supreme
  • Kingdom Of Hate
  • Slaughterwitch

Propably there will also be a coversong on the Album.
The Style will be a wild mixture of the old school metal genres again (even more than on the last LPs!).
There are at least Five different Metal Styles on the Album.
Either everyone will find something he likes or it's just confusing the crowd.
But we don't care. We like it and we're shure you will do, too!

Cheers Headbangers!

Rest In Peace Jeff Hannemann

Saidly we have to take notice that Jeff Hanemann passed away yesterday.
Again one of the very best is gone.

See you in South of Heaven, Jeff!

One Week to go for Metalheadz Festival

As a little reminder: theres only one week left until we will play at the great Bavarian Metalheadz Festival.
WarcrY will perform on friday's afternoon.

hope to see you there,
The WarcrYers

WarcrY @ Bavarian Metalheadz Open Air

Hey Headbangers!
Open Air, something new for WarcrY!
We'll play at the Bavarian Metalheadz Open Air in Dettenhardt (near Augsburg,Bavaria).
It will be on May 10th and 11th 2013.
Bavarian Metalheadz Homepage

Hope to see you there!

Warriors of Real Steel

The first Metal concert in the new Pro Zwo in Mühlacker and WarcrY will have the pleasure to destroy the stage!
Your favourite Noisemakers will be:

Feel the Campfire

See you at
Bahnhofstraße 109
75417 Mühlacker

First Livedate 2013 Confirmed!

Hail Metalheads!
Hope you all started well into 2013!
We are proud to announce the first live date for 2013!
WarcrY will play at Taunus Metal Festival on July 5th & 6th in Oberursel (near Frankfurt/Main).
Billing 2013
We're looking forward to see you there, Headbangers!

First shows in 2013 will be anounced soon

Hey Headbangers!
In a few days we are proud to announce the first to shows for the upcomming year. You'll be informed as sson as the promoters put us on their websites.
Those two dates sound really cool! Be prepared!

Current Update from the WarcrY dungeons

Metalheads!!! Here's an update on what's WarcrY doing at the moment. We had a good rehearsal last night and now have 8 Songs + 1 cover version ready for the next album. The cover version will be again an 80s metal song. The new WarcrY songtitles so far (still can change....) are:
- Into The Shadows Of The Past
- Command To Attack
- Slaughterwitch
- Oldschool Supreme
- Storming The Gates
- So It Shall Be Done
- Possessed By E.V.I.L.
- Black Fire

Additionally we have a few new songs and lyrics which will be melted and forged during the next weeks. If everything turns out well, we maybe start recording in January or February. Also the first ideas for the cover art and album title are in our minds!

cheerz! the WarcrY'ers

The new Guestbook is online!

We've got a new Guestbook active and we're looking for every comment that you leave about WarcrY.

Welcome on the new WarcrY Webhost!

Hey WarcrYers, Hey Fans, Hey Friends!

Welcome on our new Website. This is the first entry done via the new System. We hope you like the new Webpage. We're also in conservation with several promoters and hope to anounce the first shows for 2013 soon.
Also the writing process for the next release is going on and we've got about 80 percent done now.
Be prepared for the new Album in 2013!

Hails to you!

new Songs, new album, WarcrY 2012

Hail Metalheads! we haven't posted a lot of news during the last time. That does not mean, WarcrY isn't alive. We are rehearsing and writing new songs for a new album!!! We already have a few new titles; STORMING THE GATES or SO IT SHALL BE DONE for example. WarcrY will not change it's sound, but we improved again! Be prepared! What about a schedule? I wish, we could start recording the new album in the end of 2012; but we will see. WarcrY will keep you up to date...

News from the front...

WarcrY sais "THANK YOU METALHEADS" to everybody who attented (maybe) the best german underground metal festival this year!!! Amazing bands and an amazing crowd!!! Thanks to STEELPREACHER for making it happen!!! Pictures and some video-footage will follow soon!!! But there are a great new pictures from our SWORDBROTHERS FESTIVAL appearance online at "the-pit". Check it out!


The "In Battle For Vengeance" LP is finally sold out!!!! Apart from that, not many news from the band right now! We are currently preparing for Swordbrothers Festival. After a year far away, The Axeman has now returned and WarcrY will hopefully begin to write new songs in the near future for a new record!!!

Revenge In Blood on vinyl OUT NOW !!!

The vinyl version of our latest album REVENGE IN BLOOD is OUT NOW!!! Order your copy direct from our merchandise section on the website!!! The album has been released by Problem Child Records (under license from Pure Steel Records).


Yeah, new shirts with the artwork of our latest album REVENGE IN BLOOD are now available!!! Check the merch section!!!

Release Date for the REVENGE IN BLOOD LP

The vinyl version of the latest album REVENGE IN BLOOD has a release date!!!! May 30th 2011!!! You can pre-order your copy from the band from now on. Send a mail to mailorder(at) The posters which will be part of the LP already arrived and will be available for sale as well!

New WarcrY Shirts coming soon

yes, we will have brand new WarcrY "Revenge In Blood" Shirts soon!!!


there's a new show to announce: WarcrY will play in ZÜRICH in July 2011. More details in the live section on this page. Thanks to all of you headbangers who supported us yesterday at the ProZwo Mühlacker. Thanks to Steelpreacher and Nuclear Warfare!!! Cheerz Brothers!


The new album REVENGE IN BLOOD is out on CD (on Pure Steel Records) since October 15th. The album will also be released on vinyl in the first six months of 2011 on Problem Child Records. The new CD got already great reviews on,, Metalexpressradio and more. We got 9 out of 11 points in the new issue of "Heavy, oder was?" magazine as well as 7 out of 10 points in Rockhard magazine (Nov. 2010 edition). The new CD is available from the band for 12€ plus P/V or from nearly all relevant mailorders and metal shops!!! If you want to order the CD from the band, email us:

First Show for 2010

... and finally the first show for 2010 is announced.
WarcrY will play at Metalshock Festival in Hannover among bands like Vicious Rumors, Tokyo Blade, Jaguar, Eure Erben and others... more details in the live section!!!


The vinyl version of IN BATTLE FOR VENGEANCE is out now!!!! get your copy as soon as possible, 'cause they're limited to 222 copies and nearly sold out!!! get in touch with us at

and we almost finished recording our new album REVENGE IN BLOOD which will hopefully be released in autumn 2010.

Thanks to Pure Steel Records!!!

The Tracklist now is.....

Hail everybody, we finally can announce the title of our new, yet unreleased, album. Be prepared for our: REVENGE IN BLOOD.

The tracklist (in no special order) now is:

  • Pure Force Of Steel
  • Knights Of The Dark Blade
  • Awakening The Cemetary
  • Blood Black Axe
  • In Battle For Vengeance
  • Banshee
  • A Tavern Ride
  • The End - Dawn Of A New Age
  • Infernal Triumph
  • The Revenge (True Heavy Metal Trilogy Part III)

plus one coverversion.

The recording schedule sees setting up and soundcheck on the next weekend (Feb. 27./28.). After that we will start with the drums...


Finally the new WarcrY website is online!!! Check It Out and enjoy your stay. The missing gallery and guestbook will follow as soon as possible.